Thank you for visiting the Conservation Area Hunting Permits Portal.  The 2020 hunting draw application window is now closed for the season.

As you may know, Tribal Council has closed the Conservation Areas to all public access because of COVID-19.  We did NOT re-open in time for the 2020 hunting season. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  

We had 130 applications for hunting permits in 2020, with this being the first year of our website.  We thank you for your patience with this system as we worked through some bugs.  Next year we plan to have much more information about the hunts, ODFW links, statistics, our new camping reservation system, and other information available.


General Bow Refer to ODFW regulations for allowed deer and elk harvest in either Game Unit E. Biggs

S. Fossil

10  6 Aug 24-Sept 22
145 Fossil Unit No. 1 1 Buck with visible antler S. Fossil 15  43 Oct 3 – 14
143A E Biggs 1 Buck with visible antler E. Biggs 9 Oct 3 – 14
245B1 S. Fossil Private No. 1 1 Bull Elk S. Fossil 10  6 Oct 28 – Nov 1
245X Fossil Unit No. 1 1 Bull Elk Fossil 9 Oct 28 – Nov 1
245B2 S. Fossil Private No. 2 1 Elk S. Fossil 10  10 Nov 7 – 15
245Y Fossil Unit No. 2 1 Bull Elk Fossil 27 Nov 7 – 15
643 Antlerless Deer Rifle 1 Antlerless Deer E. Biggs 2 0 Oct 17-25
645 Fossil Unit 1 antlerless deer Fossil 6 0 Oct 17 – 25
245C Fossil Unit 1 Antlerless Elk Fossil 6 7 Nov 21 – 29
245T Fossil Unit Youth Hunt 1 Antlerless Elk Fossil 6 1 Aug 1-Nov 29*   *does not include the lieu periods between other S. Fossil elk seasons listed above
244 Columbia Plateau  1 Elk Columbia Plateau (E. Biggs) 3 7 Oct. 28 – Nov. 29

*The numbers are preliminary and may change as applications are certified.

As you can see from the above table, there are some hunts still available at Pine Creek.  There are permits still available at Oxbow, Dunstan, and both Forrest Parcels (Northside and Desolation units).  Archery permits at Oxbow, Dunstan, and Mainstem Forrest Conservation Area (FCA) are now filled, as are Dunstan Bull Elk Rifle 247X and Mainstem Forrest Antlerless Elk Rifle 247.


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