Leftover Hunt Permits for Pine Creek Conservation Area

144R – 3 Permits
643 – 2 Permits
645 – 6 Permits
245T – 4 Permits
245C – 2 Permits

These tags are first come, first serve and they will be processed in the order of emails received. If you would like a leftover tag please email the following to ty.hodder@ctwsbnr.org or call Pine Creek Headquarters at 541-489-3477.

  • Current Address
  • Phone Number
  • What tag you want, including a photo of your ODFW Tag for proof of draw.
  • First, middle and last name.
The Big Game Access Permit drawing for the 2023 Deer and Elk hunting season has been completed.  For Pine Creek Conservation Area we had 208 applicants and offered 96 permits. We will post any remaining available hunts on the website, which will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis (see above.)  Thank you for your interest in big game hunting Pine Creek, Oxbow, Forrest and Dunstan Conservation Areas.  

Hunting is allowed on Pine Creek, Oxbow, Forrest, and Dunstan Conservation Areas. Deer and elk hunting require a special hunting access permit. These are issued in limited numbers and program staff hold a lottery to choose applicants for these big game hunts.

Bird hunting requires an Annual Bird Hunting Permit at Pine Creek.

All hunters and visitors must fill out daily access permits.

As per our Regulations, there is no varmint or predator hunting allowed on the Conservation Areas. Coyotes, ground squirrels and the like are protected on these properties.

All hunters must follow ODFW regulations and seasons for each hunt.

If you are selected to hunt the Pine Creek Conservation Area, be aware that staff will be patrolling the property via the access trails using ATV’s and UTVs.  Please carry your permit with you at all times to show upon request and plan your hunts accordingly to avoid the disturbance. These patrols will continue throughout the hunting seasons.

The following links are for additional information, updates and archives of past hunting

Mandatory Reporting for 2023

For Pine Creek Conservation Area, Reporting on your hunt online will be mandatory this year. You will still need to fill out your daily check in, check out form, as well as report your hunt here by Dec. 31. If you do not report online by this deadline you will not be able to apply to hunt the conservation area in 2024.

Hunt Report