The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs have long traditions of natural resource stewardship.  The Tribes identified the Austin Hot Springs Conservation Area as a Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program site. The Area encompasses 151.7 acres of fresh water, riparian, mixed conifer forest, and grassland habitat that support many species of fish and wildlife.  Austin Hot Springs was acquired in 2017 and is managed as a protected property for its fish and wildlife habitats.  The Conservation Area is located in Clackamas County, approximately 6 miles east of Ripplebrook Ranger Station and approximately 35 miles southeast of Estacada.

Austin Hot Springs property is CLOSED TO ALL PUBLIC USE due to liability issues associated with the hot springs on the property. The springs and the river are dangerous.  The Tribes and the Clackamas Sheriff Department are patrolling this property.  Trespassers will be cited for criminal trespass.  PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS PROPERTY.

A management plan has been completed for the Property, including actions to address access, riparian vegetation, and the floodplain around the hot springs.  A restoration project will be planned and completed in the coming years to address the site.  Future public access to the springs remains improbable, given liability concerns. Access will be addressed once the restoration of the site is completed and riparian conditions have recovered.