Pine Creek Conservation Area

The 34,012-acre Pine Creek Conservation Area, near Clarno, Oregon, is a protected property managed for its wildlife habitat. Although primary goals include the protection, management, and restoration of conservation values identified on the property, the Tribes allow regulated access to the public. Visitors may enjoy Pine Creek’s rugged desert landscape vistas, camping, hiking, select hunting opportunities, and other offerings. Please review our property regulations, and if you visit, fill out an access permit either online or at Pine Creek Visitor Information kiosks on highway 218 near the headquarters or at Robinson Creek.

Pine Creek is adjacent to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument – Clarno Unit.  The National Park Service manages this park, which offers trails and information about geology and prehistoric life.

Please be aware that the Spring Basin Wilderness-Pine Creek Land Exchange was completed on July 14, 2021 significantly changing the Pine Creek Property boundaries – See the Land Exchange Section.