In the fall of 2020, Little Sweden was burned in the Beechie Creek Fire.  Because of the dangers posed by the fire, the conservation area is CLOSED to the public. Little Sweden is expected to remain closed through 2023 as the property is assessed for safety and hazard trees are addressed.  

The Tribes identified the Little Sweden Conservation Area as a Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program site in 2016. The Area encompasses 183.17 acres of mixed conifer and deciduous forests that include rock outcrops, wetland, and springs that provide for a variety of fish and wildlife species. Little Sweden was acquired in 2017 with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) funds. The Conservation Area is located in Marion County and 1 mile west of Big Cliff Dam where the Tribes may hunt, fish, gather forest products, and recreate. The property may be accessed the public for limited activities. Please fill out the visitor access permit for day trips to the site.

Please note that a privately-owned inholding is located in center of the property (see map), which include the large parking area along the north side of the highway. That parking area is not Tribally-owned and parking is by permission only. An easement exists to access the property on the north side of the highway through the road on the east side of the parking area with the locked gate. Tribal property begins about 250 feet up the road from the locked gate.