Tribal staff were busy this fall on the Middle Fork John Day Conservation Properties. Approximately 2500 riparian plants were installed on the Oxbow Conservation area associated with the Dredge Tailings Restoration Project (completed 2011-2016). All of these plants are within deer and elk-proof fences and represent a continued effort to re-establish riparian vegetation along the project site to help with high summer water temperatures. The Middle Fork Forrest Conservation Area completed two restoration projects along 2.3 miles of the Middle Fork John Day. Planting for the Vincent To Caribou reach had approximately 5000 riparian plants installed. All of these plants were grown at the Prairie City Nursery with all of the seed being collected at nearby locations. The Vinegar to Vincent reach completed the first phase of a restoration project that will be completed in 2022. This project is being managed by the John Day Basin Office. Four large browse exclosures are also being installed this fall and into the spring of 2021. The exclosures will be temporary, and serve to help the riparian zone recover without the added pressure of deer and elk. Winter will be a slower period on the Middle Fork but continued restoration activities planned for the spring include noxious weed treatments, fence maintenance, and additional grass seeding in disturbed areas. The Conservation Areas Remain closed to the public, but people may view much of the work from the county road (Middle Fork Land).

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